Hollyhocks are one of my favorite flowers.  Before this spring, we’ve never been able to grow them successfully.  My grandfather used to say that hollyhocks would attract any pest that was out there.   These just blossomed today; when I planted them last year, they didn’t do anything but provide some deer with a snack.  These have lots of buds on them, so I’m looking forward to a summer full of hollyhocks.  Or at least a few weeks.

The first blossoms on our hollyhocks

The first blossoms on our hollyhocks.

The vegetable garden is finally beginning to look like something.  I used used fresh chives and sage this evening; I’m anticipating green beans and chard in the next two weeks.

vegetable garden as of 12 June

Green beans, kale, a few tomatoes and strawberries in front of the sage.

Last but not least is lavender.  Try saying that five times fast; lavender doesn’t last that long.


Lavender and marigold


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