Spinach, Outside the Box

“…so she buys an instant cake, and she burns her frozen steak…”

Spinach is one of those leafy green vegetables your mother said was good for you.  In the childhood of a baby boomer such as your correspondent, it might been good for you but not particularly tasty:  an oblong, frozen brick pried out of a cardboard box and dropped into a pot.  After being massacred in boiling water for 12 minutes, it might have been unceremoniously plopped on one’s plate.  Acrid, totally devoid of flavor, and inducing a gag reflex.  Yuck.

Plagued by a paucity of spinach recipes, I came across this post by the French Food Fool, which made me think outside the box a bit.  Last night, I sauteed minced shallots in olive oil, then added one and a half teaspoons of Dijon mustard.  After a minute passed, I added my cleaned, chopped spinach.  The juice of a lime came next.  Another minute or two, and we were ready to eat.  Piquant and aromatic, the result was pleasing to all, even out daughter, who asked for seconds.


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2 Responses to Spinach, Outside the Box

  1. I fully agree to your point that we have to think outside the box when it comes to good food. Quite often, as you point it out, childhood memories and early experiences stand in the way. I grew up in a region without any cheese tradition so I only knew the pale and tasteless pre-packed, pre-sliced stuff. Imagine how surprised I was to explore the French cheese universe later on.
    Thanks anyway for this very nice compliment to French Food Fool!

    • Some childhood food memories are bad (frozen vegetables and frozen fish here in the U.S.), but some of them are also good. Family meals, comfort food… I’ll post about some of those in the near future. Thanks for your note!

      Best regards

      Peter Minde

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