The Grape in Spain…

…falls mainly into my glass for gustatory enjoyment.  After 26 years in the wine business, primarily working with wholesale distributors, I have my favorites.  And in case you were wondering, when one works for a distributor, one is not drinking a $50.00 bottle of wine every night with dinner.  Far from it.

Whether red or white, my ideal is a focused wine with balanced fruit and acidity.  Often, I find myself  reaching for European wines as I find many moderately priced “Tuesday night” California wines monolithic and boring.  Here are a couple of nice Spanish reds I’ve had during the holidays.

  • Earth 2.0 2006, D.O. Navarra.  Made from 100% tempranillo, the nose has clear red fruit, strawberry and cherry aromas.  The medium-bodied palate has clean, nicely delineated fresh fruit flavors and appropriate acidity.  It certainly doesn’t taste like a four-year-old red wine.  This was a pleasant surprise from an importer I’d never heard of:  Romero & Miller of Maryland.  It’s unclear from the importer’s website whether 2006 is the current vintage; retail price unknown as my brother brought it with him at Christmas.
  • Protocolo 2008 Vino de la Tierra de Castilla.  “Vino de la Tierra de Castilla” is similar to France’s Vin de Pays labelling:  a step below Denominacion de Origen.  Aromas of blackberries, vanilla and spice.  Medium- to  full-bodied palate with black fruit and cinnamon notes and appropriate, i.e. not overpowering, tannins.  Slightly hot mid-palate, with a good finish. At the $5.99 that I paid for it retail, this is a steal.  Imported by Tempranillo, New Rochelle NY.

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NASM personal trainer, husband, dad, cross-country skier, trail runner, writer.
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