Chaos Theory in the Kitchen

This winter, we signed on for a half share in a food co-op.  As we’re not buying directly from a farm, strictly speaking, it isn’t a CSA.  As there was only one share available, we split it with another family in Laurel’s school.   In addition, we were concerned about getting so many vegetables that we wouldn’t be able to eat them all.  I dislike waste.

What makes things interesting is, we never know what we’re going to get until the eleventh hour.   Two or three days before we go to collect our produce, they send an email detailing the week’s goods.  The only downside is a duplication of efforts if, as seems inevitable, we pick up something I’ve already bought from the grocery store.  There are no special orders; you get what you get.

It’s hard to have too many carrots until we’ve harvested everything from the garden in the fall.  But our refrigerator is now also stuffed with two bunches of collards and four heads of broccoli.  How many different ways can one cook collard greens?  Three bunches of bananas lurk next to the microwave.

vegetables from this week's co-op share

On the other hand, we unexpectedly have cabbage, sweet potatoes, a turnip, a ripe tomato and grapefruit.  In the kitchen, I’ll be improvising to cook veggies that I hadn’t planned on.


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