Domaine Cabirau VDP des Cotes Catalanes 2007 – Worth Trying

“This page is in French.  Translate it using Google?”  Sorry, Google, but you may want to review your code:  Hand Picked Selections‘ web site is in English.

Domaine Cabirau is a property owned by HPS proprietor Dan Kravitz, in the Rousillon area in southwest France.  Because this wine is 100% Grenache, it carries the Vin des Pays des Cotes Catalanes designation instead of being AOC Cotes de Rousillon.

The nose features strawberries, with herbaceous and some mushroom notes.  On the palate, it’s stylish and balanced with nice red fruit flavors.  The mid palate and finish are slightly hot.  Imported by Hand Picked Selections, Warrenton Va.  Approximately $12.00 retail.


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