A Word on Wine Reviews

Sorry that I’ve been away.  Clearly, I’ve not kept up with the whole WordPress post-a-week challenge.  There’s another site that I’m bringing up to speed, and I’m a contributing writer yet somewhere else.

As I’ve picked up a batch of interesting wines from a favorite retailer, you should expect, new wine reviews coming down the pike.  And with that, I realized that I haven’t laid out any ground rules for what I review.  Herewith, my ground rules.

  • Wines reviewed herein will lean towards affordable, everyday wines.  For me, that price ranges from around $8.00 up to $20.00.  And $20.00 is beginning to veer away from the affordable in my book.  While I reserve the right to stray from those parameters, don’t come here looking for reviews of classified Bordeaux or California cult Cabernet Sauvignon.  Not my tax bracket.
  • No wine will be affronted with a grade based on a 100-point scale.  If I think it’s worth buying, I’ll certainly let you know.  If not, you won’t read about it here.
  • Hyperbolic adjective use will be eschewed.  Seventeen different adjectives describing the bouquet, and prose such as “Aromas of peaches lightly grilled on a cherrywood fire soar from the glass” will not be found here.
  • Wine reviews will be seasonal.  Summer is here, and my house is not air conditioned.  Tasting a red wine when it’s 90 degrees or hotter does a disservice to the wine.  Most of the reviews in the next few months will be of white and rose wines.
  • I will inform you if I have any relationship with the wine I’m reviewing.  That is, if it’s a product that I used to sell, or for which I was the purchasing agent, I will inform you.

Thanks again for taking the time to read.  Cheers.


About Peter, a/k/a sourdoughdaddy

Husband, dad, personal trainer, cross-country skier, trail runner, writer.
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