Henri Perrusset Macon Villages Vieilles Vignes 2009

When I started out in the wine business, California wasn’t on the map.  The judgement of Paris hadn’t yet taken hold in the mind of the American consumer.  I was working in retail.  Sure, you had jug wines from the Central Valley billing themselves as “Chablis” or “Burgundy” but decent California wines weren’t in the general consciousness of the American wine drinker.  If you wanted a nice white wine for Friday or Saturday night, you bought French.  Macon, Pouilly-Fuisse, or, if you worked on Wall Street, Puligny-Montrachet.

“California wines are going to be the wave of the future,” my sales manager said to me when I had my first job as a distributor sales rep.  This would be in the mid 1980s.  I’m not dating myself, am I?

California wines were a tough sell when I worked at that small wholesale outfit, which has since folded.  I remember piping up at a sales meeting, all puffed up with my experience in retail, “We really need another good Macon Villages!”

I wish that I’d had Henri Perrusset’s Macon to sell back then.  Its bouquet is a seamless melding of fruit and stoniness, with a focused, balanced, medium bodied palate.  This is a great buy at $19.98.

Imported by Kermit Lynch.  Caveat:  In the past, I was the purchasing agent for Kermit Lynch wines and I am an unabashed admirer of his portfolio.

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