Italian White Wines: Pinot Grigio and a Blend for the Summer

These two wines couldn’t be more different.

From Feudo di Santa Tresa, Pura Sicilia Purato 2010 is a Sicilian white wine blended from the autochthonous Catarratto (60%) and Pinot Grigio (40%).  Striving to be a green winery, the label states that the bottle is from 85% recycled glass and the cardboard carton and wine label are 100% recycled content with vegetable ink.  Additionally, they “use only ‘natural’ methods of pest control and fertilization.”  The web site states that they’ve applied to be certified as fully organic.

The fresh, floral, springlike bouquet is followed by a light-to-medium bodied palate with bright flavors leaning slightly to the acidic side.  Good summer wine.
Retails between $8.75 – $10.95.  Imported by Vias Imports, NY, NY.
From Venezia comes Tiziano Pinot Grigio.  The bouquet is innocuous and neutral.  The much better palate is dominated by lemon/citrus flavors with an allspice or nutmeg component.  There’s a bit of residual sugar, which I find disappointing.  Medium body, decent, nice but undistinguished.
Of the two, I’d return for the Purato.
$8.99 retail.  Imported by Total Beverage Solutions, Mount Pleasant, SC.

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