Petit Grealo 2004 Costers del Segre “Sero Subzona Artesa”

The label is a mouthful, and varietally oriented consumers may be put off by it.  More’s the pity. Situated north of Priorat and Montsant in Catalonia, there are good wines coming from Costers del Segre at reasonable prices.  If you find it, this is a great opportunity to taste a good, mature red wine with some character.

A great opportunity to sample a mature red wine, Petit Greal (“Little Grail”) is produced by Vinya l’Hereu.  Their website describes Petit Greal as an organically farmed blend of Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot, aged in stainless steel.  I can’t say whether 2004 is the current vintage or not.

My notes call this “California style from Spain.”  Even at seven years old, it started with a good lashing of alcohol and tannin.  Over 30 minutes in the glass, the heat dropped away and the wine changed markedly.  This will benefit from decanting.

label for vinya l'hereu's petit grealo

Is this label easy to understand or confusing? Please leave a comment with your opinion.

My notes read, mature nose with a California vibe, earthy, stewed red fruit, tobacco and leather.  On the palate, mature, rounded and balanced fruit flavors framed by smooth tannins.

Pricing:  in my local store it was priced at $10.99, on sale from $19.99.  If you find this at $10.99, it’s a steal.  Buy up and enjoy it.  Imported by C & P Wines, NYC.


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