Azienda Vinicola Palama Arcangelo Salice Salentino DOC 2008

Back in the day, Dr. Cosimo Taurino’s wonderful Salice Salentino Riserva  introduced me to the pleasures of southern Italian wines.  Mea culpa: I sold Taurino products to make my living, but they’re truly wonderful wines.

Palamá’s Arcangelo Salice Salentino reminded me how much I enjoy wines from this part of the world.  I do have some quabbles:  while the percentages vary, depending on what one reads, DOC regulations require the classic Negroamaro to be blended with Malvasia Nera.  What’s up with 20% Primitivo in the blend, and not a drop of Malvasia Nera?

My other issue – and Palamá isn’t the only offender here, by far – is the vintage date hidden on the back label, in small print.  It’s like there’s something to hide.  I’m old school on this:  put the vintage date on the front where it belongs, please.

OK, I’m done with venting.  This wine is a really good value for the money.  The bouquet is a classic combination of roasted plums, blackberries and toasted spices like cloves.  The palate is classic southern Italian:  full, classic roasted fruit flavorsw with a good lashing of acidity.  This is well worth seeking out.

Imported by Small Vineyards LLC, Seattle WA.  Retail: $9.99

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