Garden Spring 2012

Due to a variety of commitments, I haven’t written on this blog recently. Here are a few pictures from our garden today.

garden with peppers, basil and sage

Foreground: basil, peppers. Our old vines sage in the background. Tough keeping up with the weeds.

I no longer have a space to sprout seeds indoors; this year, I ordered heirloom tomato and pepper transplants from Seed Savers.  Tomato transplants worked well last year.  We haven’t planted peppers in several years, due to poor results.  This year, I’m trying Jimmy Nardello’s sweet peppers.  They didn’t make the photograph, but we have silverbeet Swiss chard too.

The sage plant, now 17 years old, is gradually taking over the garden.  Ellen cut back a good bit of it this week.

dianthus and rue

I love dianthus.

The perennials are coming in nicely at their usual leisurely pace.  Our hollyhocks have spread, I can’t wait until they blossom.




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