Altés Herencia Blanco 2012

Is Eric Solomon coming to his senses?

Back in the day, I sold European Cellars products. They were great wines.  But many of them shared a trait of having, to my taste, excessive alcohol levels.  This white wine from eastern Spain is a welcome change: fresh and well balanced and only 13% alcohol.

Fresh and bracing, Altés Herencia Blanco might become my go-to summer white wine.  It’s from Terra Alta, a relatively new appellation in Tarragona, the southern part of Catalonia.  The back label has all sorts of information about the soil and the DO, but nothing about varietal composition.  I like this.

The bouquet is reminiscent of white wines from the Rhone valley:  minerally, stony, with lime accents.  The palate is medium, leaning to full-bodied, with lime and galangal and bracing acidity.

A bargain at $8.99.  At that price, worth seeking out.  Imported by European Cellars, Charlotte, NC.


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