I’m a married; a father, wine business professional, runner, cross country skier, writer, gardener and about 9 other things who enjoys cooking. The blog name is due to my pursuit of the perfect homemade sourdough bread, which is a humbling experience.

My grandfather kept a huge garden that’s been my inspiration – although I don’t have anywhere near the space he had to grow things.  It’s a challenge to fit everything that I’d like into a suburban New Jersey plot.  There are way too many tomatoes and carrots.  The only fertilizers I use are compost and manure.

In the grocery store, I avoid buying anything that contains high fructose corn syrup, or ingredients I can’t pronounce.  Most value-added grocery products add value only to the a large corporation’s balance sheet, and give you, the consumer, nothing.  I’m a student, not a master, of the whole local food/organic food movement.

Here you’ll find observations about food, wine, gardening and cooking.  Enjoy.

Peter Minde


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