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Pork and Vegetables with Red Wine Sauce

In our house, the cooking goes in waves.  For a month or two, I’m totally organized, I know what I want to prepare, and I have a list.  Right now, I’m at the other end of the spectrum.  Plan?  What … Continue reading

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Early Summer Garden

This year is a transition year for our garden.  A  Rutgers soil analysis showed that our soil was on the alkaline side.  After years of dumping pounds and pounds of manure, compost and new topsoil each spring, we chose to … Continue reading

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Garden in mid-summer

At the end of July, our garden’s results are mixed.  I was thrilled with our hollyhocks: this was the first year we got them to flower.  The flowers in general have done OK.  The vegetables, however, are much more of … Continue reading

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Hollyhocks are one of my favorite flowers.  Before this spring, we’ve never been able to grow them successfully.  My grandfather used to say that hollyhocks would attract any pest that was out there.   These just blossomed today; when I … Continue reading

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