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Chicken Curry, Hong Kong Style

I like big cooking vessels.  Give me a 13-inch cast-iron frying pan  over a little omelet pan any day of the week.  How about a 12-quart stock pot to make squash soup or a batch of turkey stock after Thanksgiving?  … Continue reading

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Spinach, Outside the Box

“…so she buys an instant cake, and she burns her frozen steak…” Spinach is one of those leafy green vegetables your mother said was good for you.  In the childhood of a baby boomer such as your correspondent, it might … Continue reading

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Prosciutto, Mushrooms, and Peas with Penne

The common diet wisdom for endurance athletes is to consume plenty of complex carbohydrates.  Pasta is supposedly the king of complex carb sources, with  rice, millet, barley  et al running a poor second.  For many years, pasta was on my … Continue reading

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