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Sourdough Bread, How Much Easier Can It Get?

When Judy, the chef in Laurel’s charter school, shared this formula for making sourdough bread with me, I thought, “This sounds just too easy.”  What, no autolyse phase?  No folding?  No kneading, are you kidding me?  With a rise time … Continue reading

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Big Hair Pancakes

If you’d like the same kind of zip in your pancakes that you get from sourdough bread, this is for you. For some years, my basic pancake recipe was pretty straightforward:  equal portions of white and whole wheat flour; salt, … Continue reading

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Sourdough Bread: Dominatrix of the Kitchen

When the sourdough wants something, it wants it NOW, and you better do what it asks. Arriving at a career crossroads some months ago, our 6-year-old daughter told me, “You should be a baker.  Everyone likes pie.”  While pie holds … Continue reading

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